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Starting blog weight : 279

Last weeks weight: 273.5

This weeks weight: 272.5

Total lost this week: 1 lb loss


I am proud of my 1 lb yippee!

Weekend Recap

Friday – Went out to eat to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I didn’t pig out at all. I ordered a buffalo shrimp app and a lobster. Like I said in my earlier post the butter tasted like just oil so I just ate the lobster plain. Wow it was yummy. I also had 2 small pieces of cornbread. My son and I returned home so late and I had to be to work so early the next day that I ended up just going to sleep. This was the 1st week in about a month and a half that I didn’t exercise 6 days.

Saturday – Saturday at work I ate very well. I purchased some jimmy deans D’light breakfast sandwiches. Wow are those things yummy! So much better than Egg mcmuffins. Now if I only had a D’light hash brown and some D’light orange juice I would have been in heaven. I made sure to eat well. That night I surprised my bf with a night at the theater. We went to go see THE SLUTCRACKER which was great. I had a 5 oz glass of Pinot grigio and a half of a small box of popcorn. The pop corn was so yummy but I gave it away after I downed half of the box in what seemed like a split second. After the theater we went to a sports bar and met up with a good amount of his friends and they drank beer & took shots. I had only sips off of  Tony’s drinks. I refused to get any drinks. I didn’t even take part in the group shot taking even though I wanted to. My one splurge,  fried calamari with some yummy spicy sauce. Wow was it good and so worth it. It came with some weird fried chip things but I didn’t eat those. The rest of the night I drank water & took pictures. I had fun and so did Tony & since it was his night that was all I cared about.

Sunday – Gah I was so sleepy! We didn’t get home saturday night until about 2am and sleep didn’t come until about 230am. So by the time 630am rolled around I felt like I slept all of 10 mins. I made my way to work and grabbed some mint tea to wake myself up. I ate really well, for lunch instead of eating the veggies I had I threw those away and went to shaws. I picked up some Mongolian beef and some sesame noodles. I swear it was karma from those thrown away veggies because the beef and the noodles tasted horrible! I was glad I only purchase a small portion of each. I sucked it up and ate it. For dinner I had a mish mash of things. First things first I took a 3 hour nap! Then once I woke up my step father talked me into making tuna melts. The only bread I had were 2 sandwich thins. The tuna tasted supremely gross to me so I only made a small sandwich, ate that and was still hungry. My son was eating some lasagna so I cut a small sq but it also didn’t taste right so I gave the rest to him. Finally Tony was making spicy sausages, so I made him throw one on the stove for me. It was yummy and I was finally satisfied.

A bit later my mother and I ended up doing Jillian Micheals. Yea death because I push myself way harder in front of my mother than what I do when I am doing it alone. My mother was struggling but she made it through. We both ended up passing out soon after.

All in all it was a good weekend. I feel like if Friday or saturday didn’t happen the way they did I would have probably hit the 2 lb lost mark but like I said above I am very happy with my 1 lb.

December challenge Update:

Goal: lose 5 lbs by Dec 31st

Weight loss to Date: 1 lb

Weight left to lose: 4 lb

How was everyone elses weekend?


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