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Hey all, I have taken the plunge!

From now on all new blog updates can be found at www.KickingFat.com

Thanks to Mary @ A Merry Life !  I followed her directions on how to turn a wordpress.com blog into a self-hosted blog and have spent the past week getting it up and running.

See you there!


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Happy Holidays

It’s been pretty hectic over in my neck of the woods but I would like to extend a Happy Holidays to all my readers.

Remember even though there will lots of yummy food, moderation is key & do not forget to exercise!!!!

I will see you all next week!


P.S. The tree in the picture is the holiday tree (yes, that is what they call it) from the Boston Common!

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Busy Busy

This is a super busy week for me. I have had 3 birthdays in the past 5 days to celebrate and I am exhausted. It’s not over yet though, tonight I head to a seafood restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday and tomorrow I am celebrating Tony’s birthday. So sorry there will probably be no full post until Tomorrow or Sunday.

My eating has been great & I took off Wednesday. I was on the couch watch television and fell asleep & didn’t even know it so I took that as meaning my body needed rest. I did Jillian yesterday, burned tons of calories and  again I am sore today. I love it!

I was a bit freaked out over going out to eat tonight but I just found out lobster doesn’t have a huge amount of calories, it’s basically all in the butter. I don’t need the butter to eat the lobster especially since most restaurant butter is GROSS! I plan on getting steamed veggies on the side. That is my game plan and I am sticking to it.

Wish me LUCK


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I love reading weight loss blogs but before I stumbled into the world of weight loss bloggers I followed a few youtubers on their journey. These ppl are full of inspiration and if you thought reading and seeing pictures of transformations was great watch these videos and see it in action! I am going to post each persons recap video just so you can get a look at where they were and how far they have come. If you like those check out their other videos!

Lynisha (95 lbs lost)


picture recap starts 3 mins into the video.

Fatty2slim (92 lbs lost)


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See the title of this post, yea this is what I keep telling myself. THE BEST WAY OUT IS THROUGH!

I have to work through:






On a daily basis I have to make it through all of those things above to make sure I stay on the path I have set for myself. It sucks though, I mean for the most part the lifestyle change is easy but it’s the conscious decisions that I have to make consistently that make my mind tired. I am constantly telling myself I will see this to the end, Sometimes it’s just hard to imagine actually losing over 100 lbs even though I read success stories all the time.

Tough times never last, but tough people do. ~Dr. Robert Schulle

I am determined to be a tough person!

OK enough of that talk above. I actually had a really good night. I had to help a cousin with somethings before I got home but as soon as I got home I changed into my workout clothes. I made sure my boys were all set and that Tony (my bf) was good because I hate being interrupted during my workout. I took out my new yoga mat and pressed play on the dvd player.

Yesterday was my first full day doing the Jillian Michael’s BANISH FAT BOOST METABOLISM dvd all the way through.  I just about died, seriously this woman killed me. I burned over 700 calories. I did the dvd from start to finish and any of the moves I couldn’t do I would at least attempt once or twice and if it seemed like I wasn’t going to make it I just did some squats or punches until that part of the circuit was over. All in all it was a great workout and I felt gross and sweaty after which means I did something right.

My dinner consisted of yummy pot roast with roasted veggies all made in one of those oven bags. With a small piece of peach cobbler. I also had a shot of vodka for Tony’s bday and a shot of wine. Not to shabby considering I love both wine and vodka. I was extremely happy that I did my workout early because I got to relax the rest of the night.

I am ready to get my Jillian Michael’s on tonight!



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So this is rare…A post on a saturday.

Well since I totally forgot to post yesterday I figured why not.  I am at work now and it’s super slow so here I am.

So where to start:

Thursday: I had to leave my car at the mechanic because it was acting crazy which meant that when I got off of work I would have to take the T (Train and Bus). I took the train but when I got to the train station I decided to walk home since it was a good 65 degrees outside. 3 miles and 1 hour later I arrived home exhausted. Needless to say their was no Tae Bo that night since I had also walked about 2 miles during my lunch break.

Friday: I ate very well. Apple cinnamon Cheerios for breakfast and left over sautéed (in olive oil) italian chicken breast with white and steamed broccoli for lunch. The best thing about Friday was dinner. Earlier while I was reading my ever-growing list of blogs I read a post from Morgan @ FOR THE LOVE OF SKINNY that had a recipe for Thai Coconut Shrimp Soup. I almost jumped out of my seat. I love Thai food, i love shrimp, I love veggies etc basically the soup had everything I loved so I quickly took down the recipe and decided that is what I would have for dinner.

I got out of work and as soon as I jumped into my car I headed for the store and picked up all the ingredients plus more. Let’s just say BEST SOUP EVER! Really I had to stop the rest of my family from beasting (sorry for the slang but it means eating it all) the entire thing. I had 2 cups and I was full for the rest of the night.

After relaxing for a bit and finally bringing my sons cute but semi annoying friend home I literally forced myself to do Tae Bo. For some reason my HRM went berserk and even though I worked very hard it only recorded a low amount of calories burned. I was too tired and it was too late to do anything else (Had to be up @ 6:30pm).  I relaxed with the bf and watched some UFC and had a drink which totally got me tipsy so I went to sleep really quickly.

I have the left over soup for the my lunch today and I am so excited to eat it again. I am going to post the recipe right after this post (so be on teh look out)  if anyone else would like to try it. Big thanks go to the original recipe poster Morgan!

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December Challenge

I meant to post this yesterday:

So I decided to challenge myself!  The year is almost over and I really want to end this year on a good note and begin the new year on a great note.

Challenge start Date: Dec 1, 2009

Challenge End Date: Dec 31, 2010 (my official challenge weigh in will be Jan 4th, 2010)

Challenge goal:  lose 5 lbs by December 31 bringing me to an ending weight of 269 lbs.

To reach that goal I am going to attempt :

  • exercise 45 mins – 1 hour 6 days a week
  • include strength training into my exercise regimen
  • try to limit my calorie intake to no more than 1800 calories (Before Exercise)
  • eat more fruits  on a daily basis
  • up my intake of water
  • remind myself that I will reach my goal weight regardless of how far away it seems. This is all part of the process.

If any one wants to join me in this challeneg feel free, you do not have to adhere to my goals of the challenge you can make up your own!

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