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Monday Weigh-in/Weekend Recap

So before I go into my weekend recap I have to post my stats

Starting blog weight : 279

Last weeks weight: 277.5

This weeks weight: 274

Total lost this week: 3.5 lbs!!!!!!

3.5 lbs in 1 week….WOW to say I was shocked is an understatement.


Friday: I had a hankering for Won Ton soup so we ordered chinese. Both my son and Tony (bf) ordered combo plates. I took 2 spoonfuls of beef fried rice, a bite of a crab rangoon and 2 small pieces of sesame chicken and ate that along with half of my wonton soup. I was so proud of myself because serious I LOVE rice especially yummy greasy fried rice and I only ate my 2 spoonfuls (super slow to savor it). My won ton soup was very yummy and really filling so I could only eat half.  I almost didn’t get up to do Tae bo. I started dozing off but woke up after about 5 mins, jumped up and got my Tae Bo on. Then showered and passed out.

Saturday: I work the weekend so I was up and at ’em very early 630 am to be exact. I ran to Shaws to pick up my food for the day. I purchase some Shaws brand honey bunches of oats w/strawberries, Dannon light and fit yogurt, dole fruit and a lean cuisine (shrimp w creamy lobster sauce and angel hair pasta- aka my new obsession). I spread out my food through out the day but for some reason I was starving when I finally got home at about 4pm so I ate some fried rice and the rest of my won ton soup. Talked to my mom a bit and got my Tae Bo on.  I did absolutely nothing on saturday but go shopping for Thanksgiving food. I purchased some hot flavored beef jerky for our asian super market and almost threw up because it had a hairy texture plus it smelled and tasted like DOG FOOD. I was traumatized to say the least. I ended up giving it to my dog Ramses when I returned home. Tony and I ate Grilled lamb chops with steamed broccoli and vegetarian baked beans. I also drank half a beer.

Sunday: Work again, I had left over cereal and yogurt from Saturday so that took up my morning eating. For lunch I went to the stir fry section of Shaws and had them make me veggie stir fry (teaspoon of oil) with the sauce on the side. It was yummy, I added in a few small pieces of grilled chicken and 1 small piece of pork and 2 small pieces of beef. All in all it was yummy and spicy.

My mom (who live with me) decided she wanted to try Tae Bo with me. I knew I was going to be in for some laughs when I said sure. Surprisingly she made it through the whole thing. She also showed me exactly where I get my un-coordination from. It’s obvious that I need someone to exercise with in order for my to push myself because I burned close to 100 extra calories doing Tae Bo with her. After we did extra stretching we decided to do the Low intensity work out from my biggest loser dvd. That killed us literally and we had to just laugh but we both made it through. That totally made my whole week. I loved exercising with my mom. I vegged the rest of the night while Tony went to pick up the boys. For dinner I had all leftovers: roasted carrots,1/2 cup of vegetarian baked beans and 1 cup of steamed broccoli.

All in all it was a great week and a great weekend and it showed today on my weigh in! So happy  *does running man followed by the cabbage patch*



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So last night was a bust exercise size wise. The bf went to see his sister @ a poetry reading so he was showered and out the door only 15 mins after we got home. Which left me to help one boy with his homework & cook at the same time. Also Thursday is my Crazy TV day. I watch a total of 4 shows on Thursday Flash Forward,Fringe/Greys (going back and forth since they come on at the same time) & Private Practice. Now usually any other day I would work out after my shows and what not. Well after I finished gorging myself on Television I walked into my kitchen to put up all the food and my brother comes in and asks me to make him a plate. I do and continue to put up all the food. I bring all the dishes to the sink and my sink is OVERFLOWING with dirty dishes. Now I am not the cleanest or tidiest person around but I cannot stand tons of dishes n my sink. I ended up doing half of them and by the time I finished it was about 11:45.

I was tired and even though I had my HRM on and was ready to go I just couldn’t bring myself to go out into the bootleg exercise room. So I decided to bring the Tae Bo dvd into my room. Bad idea because I laid on my bed for a quick minute and apparently feel asleep. I woke up at about 2am and yea we all know there was going to be no Tae Bo at that time of day.

I didn’t feel too bad because I had done some exercise that day. During my lunch break I walked up to the boston common and did a few laps up and down the hills (even though in the picture they don’t look like hills) leading to the state house for about 20 mins.

My calorie intake was also very good. So while I was upset because I didn’t get to burn all the calories I wanted, I did very well calorie wise so as not to mess up my weekly totals.

I am slightly worried because it is of course the dreaded weekend. I always mess myself up on the weekend! I am determined to see a decent number on the scale come monday. Thanks goodness I don’t have much planned but I definitely am going to get my exercise on regardless. I am on a roll other than yesterday I have done Tae bo for 3 days straight and I can most definitely feel it working its magic. The DVD is so quick to me now.

Tata for now, I just checked weather.com and it says it’s 65 degrees out! Time for a lunch time walk!

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So my scale sucks. I was somewhat discouraged yesterday morning when I jumped on the scale super excited and ready to see some type of loss. I watched the numbers excitedly until I saw 277.5! I jumped off and let the scale reset itself and then jumped back on, same number. WTF I exercised 6 of the 7 days last week and I ate well even during the weekend.  I don’t know what happened.

I was bummed for all of 30 mins then I just said F-it, I am not gonna let that stupid number affect my progress. At least I didn’t gain. I had a HUGE breakfast that morning with eggs,a hot sausage, silver dollar pancakes & home fries. I didn’t eat anything else until dinner and even then I wasn’t hungry. I was amped because like I said in a previous post my bf  Tony suggested we do some runs up and down our street since it has a good slant to it. Yea well as I finished up the homework with my boys I went to find Tony. Where was he? In the bed all curled up and knocked out. I asked him about the run and only got a grunt. I woke him up about 20 mins later and we all ate dinner.

4.9 oz of grilled chicken

chicken flavored rice

sweet potato

Dinner was great. After I made sure the boys were good and I let my tummy rest I headed to my den/workout area and got ready to do some Tae Bo Cardio with my homie Billy Blanks.


I love this DVD seriously because you can take it easy as well as GO HARD. Last night I went hard and burned 600 calories in the 35 min. I felt good as I sat down to watch HOUSE. I was actually going to do the 20 min Biggest Loser High Intensity workout also but I went to my comp to watch the new Bey & Gaga  video and got sucked into teh intanets. By the time I finished doing lord knows what it was almost 11:30pm. I ended up putting up dinner & washing dishes. After that I was dead to the world.

I stuck to my promise this weekend. I was very proud of myself. Saturday wasn’t so bad I exercised before I went out. Sunday was HORRID. I was so tired I didn’t want to do anything once I got home but sleep. But I told myself that I would be furious if I didn’t at least attempt to work out. In the end I did the 20 min High intensity workout with my Biggest loser DVD. I barely made it through let me tell you. When I was done though I was very happy.


I am happy I didn’t let the scale and the number that refused to budge throw me off my game. It’s a new week and I am determined to see a loss come next monday.


P.S. reason # 2 I hate my scale and I think it likes playing games with my emotions. I stepped on the scale this morning just for S&G’s and guess what? A great number….a number I would have loved and been elated to see YESTERDAY. I refuse to write the number here, I refuse to acknowledge it. All I am going to say is if I see that number come monday I will be a very happy girl.


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So last night proved to be super stressful and hectic. I had to basically force my mother to go to the hospital because she was in major pain. I swear she is sooo hard-headed.  Anyways I had to orchestrate that from work & once I got off of work I had to rush home and then get her car.While I waited for her to give me an update I grabbed a bit of dinner which was some sort of bootleg chili that was made with vegetarian bean and mixed veggies and hamburger by my step-father. It was yummy and I mixed it with some white rice. That was the only thing I remember eating other than a piece of extra gum.

I was extra happy that I took a hour long walk during my lunch break because by the time I picked my mom up from the emergency room, bought her home and then went to get her prescriptions it was about 11pm. I was exhausted I cam in the house gave my mom her medicine and jumped into the bed.

This morning went well. I tried to make a  Green Monster but yea it came out to be of a Purple monster. lol I have to use light colored fruits next time. I also had

1 cup honey bunches of oats

3/4 cup of 2% milk

English muffin.

Now it’s time for lunch & a short walk. Don’t quite feel liek walking 2+ miles today. Maybe I’ll hit a book store.

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So today started out super happy. Jumped on the scale after brushing my teeth and the scale showed a 1.5lb difference. Yeaaaa boi. I was very excited and surprised considering the only exercise I did this weekend was a 15 min walk saturday night. I was also surprised because on saturday me and the bf went to a cute french restaurant where we ate things like steak tartare,onion soup,steak frites,glazed duck and to top it off molten chocolate cake with fresh whipped creme oh and a few drinks. So delish but also so not good for me.

Sunday was a good eating day but no exercise. I didn’t feel bad I felt exhausted. Saturday I stayed up late and had to wake up at 6am to go to work so my body was not hearing that “let’s exercise” mantra i kept repeating over and over in my head. Plus my mother mad corned beef with cabbage and other veggies. After eating a bowl of that with some chili sauce it was a wrap. Oh and I had 2 cups of eggnog…ohh that stuff is DAN-GER-OUS.

After all that I was very surprised to see a lower number on that scale. I am hoping for an equal or greater number the 16th especially since I have nothing planned for the weekend.


So far today I have eaten

– 1.5 cups of honey bunches of oats 1 cup of skim milk and a mini corn muffin for breakfast

– Corned beef with cabbage and other veggies with a mini corn muffin for lunch

For dinner I will probably eat some more corned beef lol.

During my lunch break I walked about 2.3 miles so that is a bit of cardio and I plan to do jillian micheals Burn fat Boost metabolism.

Week 2 has started off well.

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So last night wanna know what my DINNER consisted of? 3 small cupcakes, 1 fish stick, & a few french fries… Yea exactly. What was I thinking. Oh I know….the cupcakes were bomb and because I ate 3 I was full. Lol

I did like 10 mins of exercise but was really not feeling it so I just went to bed.

Am I happy about that? No but I also can’t doing anything about it.

So far this morning all I have had is about 2 cups of honey bunches of oats with a little less than 2 cups of fat free milk. For lunch I am going to have a beef patty. I am hoping I can get my 1 hour of cardio in after work. We’ll see

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leftover dinner, 1/4th cup of home fries and 1/4th cup scrambled eggs, cinnamon & raisin english muffin, 1 silver dollar pancakes(already eaten) and water.

total cals according to MYFOODDIARY.COM: 484



That’s a big breakfast calorie wise but I have no afternoon snack so I needed to compensate.


Last night was great, as you see below my dinner was basically what I am eating for breakfast today. OMG it was soooo good. After eating I relaxed for a bit & then decided to do THE FIRM Cardio blast. I found my 10 lb weight and decided I was going to beast this workout. Only 2 problems, after a few reps those 10lb weights felt like 50 lbs and I remembered I hate this workout! It has too much flair, what is with all these dance type moves? What the hell is a chasay? I spent most of  the time they did the cardio without the weights trying to figure out the moves. I wasn’t totally comfortable until she started adding in punching and kicking (DAMN  TAE BO). I got through it though and while I wasn’t as tired as I usually am with Jillian or Billy I still felt the burn and that is what matters.

I have to exercise today and tomorrow because I do not know if I will be able to exercise saturday between all the running around I am going to do. It’s me and my BF’s 6 yr anniversary & we got a hotel room in Cambridge and later saturday night we are going to a new french restaurant. If the hotel’s fitness room is open I am going to try and sneak in a little 30 min run if I can. We will see what happens.

I am amped yes it’s only the 5th day but I feel like I am off to a good start. When I tried a few times before I would stop the exercise or make excuses because my heart just wasn’t into it. But I am back on my grind this time and I can’t wait to see the final results.

Oh before I go I need to post some mini goals.

by November 30th: 275

by December 30th: 271

That is a weight loss of 4 lbs each month. I feel like that is a very conservative and attainable weight loss. We shall se how it goes.


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