Hey all, I have taken the plunge!

From now on all new blog updates can be found at www.KickingFat.com

Thanks to Mary @ A Merry Life !  I followed her directions on how to turn a wordpress.com blog into a self-hosted blog and have spent the past week getting it up and running.

See you there!


Happy Holidays

It’s been pretty hectic over in my neck of the woods but I would like to extend a Happy Holidays to all my readers.

Remember even though there will lots of yummy food, moderation is key & do not forget to exercise!!!!

I will see you all next week!


P.S. The tree in the picture is the holiday tree (yes, that is what they call it) from the Boston Common!

Monday Weigh-in/Weekend Recap


Starting blog weight : 279

Last weeks weight: 272.5

This weeks weight: 271.5

Total lost this week: 1 lb loss


Yay 1lb! Considering what I was surrounded with this weekend this is great!

Weekend Recap

Friday: When I got home from work my son and I decided to go to BLOCKBUSTER and get some movies for family night. In the end I did my exercise and was so tired I watched about 20 mins of his movie before I was falling asleep. I made a plan to watch the rest sunday night. I cannot even remember what I ate that night. My eating was very disjointed I think I ate some left over roast chicken and some mashed potatoes.

Saturday: Saturday I worked so before heading into work I went by shaws to buy some breakfast food. I really didn’t feel like spending the $7 for the jimmy deans D’light breakfast sandwiches.  I thought I’d pick up the next best thing Smart-Ones Egg & cheese with Canadian bacon. Yea well those smart ones breakfast sandwiches are so gross I literally had to force it down. It was watery and the english muffin got rubbery and just all around BLECH! I ate fruit and yogurt for snack. Lunch was a lean cuisine that was ok but missing something. I got off of work to get home and catch a nap but I ended up doing some running around and by the time I got back home it was time to do my exercise since I had a party to go to later on.

Tony and I went to a friends party and they had all the food and all the liquor. I only had about 4 oz of vodka and mixed it with some lemonade. After that I had one more cup of lemonade and then water the rest of the night. Oh wait I am lying I had a Corona also. I wasn’t going to eat but the food smelled great so I grabbed a plate and put some coconut rice and beans & 1 beef empanada on it.  Of course someone said “That’s all your eating” I said “yes” and I got the whole “there is plenty of food, eat all you want!”. I just said thanks and maybe I will get some more later but for now this is all I want. I lied though because after I ate the rice and empanada, I so wanted like 2-3 more empanadas. My goodness they were soooo yummy but I didn’t I just dreamed to myself and vowed that sometime this week I will make my healthy version of the empanadas. Maybe I will post the recipe. For anyone who has had empanadas you know they are yummy and greasy! Well mine are just as yummy I make them with ground turkey breast,fresh salsa,low-fat cheese,corn tortillas and instead of being fried they are baked!

Once the party got rolling no one was worried about what I was eating or drinking so I had a good time. By the time we left the snowstorm we were expecting was getting kinda bad. Instead of doing the smart thing and going home we drove to another party. I didn’t eat or drink there mainly because I was tired and fully engrossed in a die-hard game of JENGA. By the time we left it was about 2:30am, I was so tired and mad at myself that I stayed out that late even though I had to be to work in 5 hours. By the time I finally got home it was about 3:15, the snow was crazy and we had decided to shovel a bit before we went in, which is why I ended up not actually falling asleep until 3:30am.

Sunday: 6:00 am my alarm goes off and it feels like I have only been sleep all of 10 mins. Cranky and angry I went outside to look at the damage. I couldn’t even see the path Tony & I shoveled only 2.5 hours before. I literally stomped to my room threw on some clothes and proceeded to shovel out my car while it heated up. It took me about 20 mins total. When I finished shoveling I changed quickly into my uniform and headed to work hoping I didn’t spin-out or get stranded on the way. I wish I now took pics so you guys could see how bad it was….this pic from bostontweet.com on twitter sums up how I felt driving to work sunday morning. (This was taken sunday morning by a follower of bostontweet.com)

Once I got to work I was all good and not sleepy at all. I agin ate the smart ones breakfast sandwich and again it was atrocious. I ate fruit and yogurt for snack and ate some of the food I took from the 1st party we went to Saturday night. Dinner on sunday consisted of a beef hotdog and some Egg nog. Before that I shoveled with my son for about 45 mins. I was going to exercise but every one of my followers on twitter said that I can count the snow shoveling as my exercise for the day. I can’t remember when I fell asleep because I was so exhausted.

All in all I had a super fun time this weekend and was extremely happy that I resisted temptation. 2 weeks to go until my weigh in! I am super excited and I really feel like I can hit my goal!

Actually that title is a lie! It looks nothing like christmas in boston. It feels like Christmas with its freezing temperatures but that is it. It’s supposed to snow this weekend so hopefully then it’ll look like christmas. We finally put the tree up in my house and it looks great! To be truthful I am only looking forward to christmas so I can see my sons face light up when he opens his gifts. He really only wanted a few specific things and I was able to get them all so I know he will be super excited.

It seems like the health/diet bloggers are somewhat freaking out over christmas meals. I on the other hand am not. We don’t really do christmas dinner and this year is no exception. Everything we would have eaten for dinner is what we just ate for Thanksgiving so no one is really trying to cook. The one thing we are thinking about doing is maybe having a christmas brunch but if that doesn’t happen I will probably roast a chicken and make a cake & some cookies.

My eating and exercising has been going well. I have been without my HRM (Heart rate monitor) for about a week and it’s been irking me since I don’t really know how many calories I am burning for my exercise. Today I found a new battery for the sensor so hopefully I can get it installed and get my correct readings. I seriously love my HRM it allows me to get a pretty good evaluation on my calories burned and lets me know if I am dipping to low into the danger zone of not enough calories for the day.

Tony (my bf) exercised 2 days with me but then his back started hurting so I am back to my lonesome. The first day we did Jillian together (wait that really doesn’t sound right but ya’ll know what I mean!) he was huffing and puffing and about to keel over. After about 30 mins he said “HIGH FIVE….YOU’RE THE MAN, this dvd is a killer and you come out here and do it 6 days a week…good job”, that made me super happy because her dvd is super hard and I am pretty close to being able to do all the circuits non-stop without passing out. Tony’s very supportive and I have to give him props because sometimes I would not being going as hard as I do if it wasn’t for him. He really keeps me in check. If he sees me eyeing something I know I do not want to eat he’ll say “you know you don’t really want that” or give me an alternative. So yay for supportive boyfriends!

This weekend should be a breeze I have 1 party to go to but I am not too worried I am going to bring my own wine and have 2 glasses and then drink water the rest of the night. I seriously cannot wait until the end of the month I will have a good 4 days of vacation on top of being off for Xmas and new years. I am just itching to lay in my bed all day (except for my hour when I exercise) and relax. Actually I have plans for one day the family and I are going SNOW-TUBING. I cannot wait since I have always loved sledding, snow tubing has to be as good or better. The rest of the days I will be relaxing.

Until tomorrow…see ya

Recipe: Curried Chickpeas

This is a recipe that I make quite often, it’s yummy and you can either make it spicy or leave the spice out. These chickpeas are great by themselves or spooned over some basmanti rice.

Curried Chickpeas

1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

1 can diced tomatoes

1  onion

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon cloves

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1 teaspoon ground turmeric

1 teaspoon garam masala

1 teaspoon hot curry powder (optional)

1 teaspoon olive oil


1. Place the olive oil and onions in pan and sautéed until onions are tender.

2. stir in chickpeas & their liquid along with coriander, cloves, minced garlic, turmeric, garam masala & curry powder. Let simmer

3. Pour in can of diced tomatoes and stir.

4. Let simmer for about 10 mins to allow all ingredients to meld together.

5. Remove from fire and spoon curried chickpeas over Basmanti rice.


*For now I am using pictures I have procured from vegcooking blog, when I make this dish again I will replace with my own pictures.

Monday Weigh-in/Weekend Recap


Starting blog weight : 279

Last weeks weight: 273.5

This weeks weight: 272.5

Total lost this week: 1 lb loss


I am proud of my 1 lb yippee!

Weekend Recap

Friday – Went out to eat to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I didn’t pig out at all. I ordered a buffalo shrimp app and a lobster. Like I said in my earlier post the butter tasted like just oil so I just ate the lobster plain. Wow it was yummy. I also had 2 small pieces of cornbread. My son and I returned home so late and I had to be to work so early the next day that I ended up just going to sleep. This was the 1st week in about a month and a half that I didn’t exercise 6 days.

Saturday – Saturday at work I ate very well. I purchased some jimmy deans D’light breakfast sandwiches. Wow are those things yummy! So much better than Egg mcmuffins. Now if I only had a D’light hash brown and some D’light orange juice I would have been in heaven. I made sure to eat well. That night I surprised my bf with a night at the theater. We went to go see THE SLUTCRACKER which was great. I had a 5 oz glass of Pinot grigio and a half of a small box of popcorn. The pop corn was so yummy but I gave it away after I downed half of the box in what seemed like a split second. After the theater we went to a sports bar and met up with a good amount of his friends and they drank beer & took shots. I had only sips off of  Tony’s drinks. I refused to get any drinks. I didn’t even take part in the group shot taking even though I wanted to. My one splurge,  fried calamari with some yummy spicy sauce. Wow was it good and so worth it. It came with some weird fried chip things but I didn’t eat those. The rest of the night I drank water & took pictures. I had fun and so did Tony & since it was his night that was all I cared about.

Sunday – Gah I was so sleepy! We didn’t get home saturday night until about 2am and sleep didn’t come until about 230am. So by the time 630am rolled around I felt like I slept all of 10 mins. I made my way to work and grabbed some mint tea to wake myself up. I ate really well, for lunch instead of eating the veggies I had I threw those away and went to shaws. I picked up some Mongolian beef and some sesame noodles. I swear it was karma from those thrown away veggies because the beef and the noodles tasted horrible! I was glad I only purchase a small portion of each. I sucked it up and ate it. For dinner I had a mish mash of things. First things first I took a 3 hour nap! Then once I woke up my step father talked me into making tuna melts. The only bread I had were 2 sandwich thins. The tuna tasted supremely gross to me so I only made a small sandwich, ate that and was still hungry. My son was eating some lasagna so I cut a small sq but it also didn’t taste right so I gave the rest to him. Finally Tony was making spicy sausages, so I made him throw one on the stove for me. It was yummy and I was finally satisfied.

A bit later my mother and I ended up doing Jillian Micheals. Yea death because I push myself way harder in front of my mother than what I do when I am doing it alone. My mother was struggling but she made it through. We both ended up passing out soon after.

All in all it was a good weekend. I feel like if Friday or saturday didn’t happen the way they did I would have probably hit the 2 lb lost mark but like I said above I am very happy with my 1 lb.

December challenge Update:

Goal: lose 5 lbs by Dec 31st

Weight loss to Date: 1 lb

Weight left to lose: 4 lb

How was everyone elses weekend?

Busy Busy

This is a super busy week for me. I have had 3 birthdays in the past 5 days to celebrate and I am exhausted. It’s not over yet though, tonight I head to a seafood restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday and tomorrow I am celebrating Tony’s birthday. So sorry there will probably be no full post until Tomorrow or Sunday.

My eating has been great & I took off Wednesday. I was on the couch watch television and fell asleep & didn’t even know it so I took that as meaning my body needed rest. I did Jillian yesterday, burned tons of calories and  again I am sore today. I love it!

I was a bit freaked out over going out to eat tonight but I just found out lobster doesn’t have a huge amount of calories, it’s basically all in the butter. I don’t need the butter to eat the lobster especially since most restaurant butter is GROSS! I plan on getting steamed veggies on the side. That is my game plan and I am sticking to it.

Wish me LUCK